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‘The Icarus Complex’

Firstly, I am aware of how experimental this piece is. I apologise if anyone is offended by anything I say – I welcome comments to help me to avoid this in future. The content I am referring to will become obvious fairly quickly. This is intended as a short story adaptation of the Icarus myth. As I say, it is highly experimental and I always welcome feedback.

Knossos Institute for the Criminally Insane – Patient Diary

Patient name: Rausci Vikare

Patient crime: Arson

Patient illness: Bipolar Disorder Type I
– Depressive and manic episodes
– Rapid cycling
– Icarus Complex (yet undiagnosed)

Entry #14:

Patient currently in depressive episode. Anxious about future. No fear of his harming anyone. Will talk to him and re-evaluate.

Entry #15:

Today I spoke to Mr Vikare. His apprehensions regarding his future are abundantly clear, yet he poses no threat to any persons involved in his case as yet. When asked, he spoke of his growing worry that the world as we knew it was coming to an end. I am yet to discover whether this is his view of his own internal world, or of the whole planet. He told of his envisioning the Apocalypse and when probed for details he grew quiet. The only intelligible words I heard from him was the following sentence: ‘It will all go down in flames, just you see’. I believe he is nearing the end of his rapid cycle, but will see him again tomorrow to conduct tests and re-evaluate the situation.

Entry #16:

Mr Vikare was more co-operative today. My theory that his cycle was ending is correct and I found he was able to answer questions more freely. I again asked him about his vision of the Apocalypse and his reply was optimistic. He still became nervous and irritable at the mention of the subject, yet his overall view seems more positive.

I was able to conduct some tests with Rausci and again he did not argue. This is a good sign, however I fear that his rapid change from his depressive state may signify an equally rapid shift into a manic episode. I will revisit him soon and have the attendants keep a watch on him. As the last results proved inconclusive, I decided to re-engage Rausci with the Ink Blot tests. The results were much as the same: a building on fire, the sun, crashing waves. This was expected and yet my research has yet to be completed. I will give my theory at this stage and hope my findings may aid my future research. I believe Rausci Vikare has, on top of his Bipolar I, a rare disorder known as the Icarus Complex. Mr Vikare’s notion of fire – evident from his Ink Blot results and his apprehensions about the Apocalypse of flames – as well as his general fear of a doomed future lead me to believe this. I am yet to complete my research during his manic episodes however if my theory is correct, I predict I will find him seeking the attention of myself and the attendants, and I imagine he will fancy himself untouchable. I will keep an eye on Mr Vikare for this change.

Entry #17:

Laudslade Vikare, the patient’s father, visited today. His visit is troubling. Requested a private conversation with Rausci. Rausci’s mood neutral but since the visit he is unresponsive to our questions. His eyes and constant grin are worrying. Tomorrow I hope to speak with him again.

Entry #18:

Tragic news was reported to me this morning. Rausci Vikare is dead.


The Cretian Herald

Young man seen ‘soaring through the sky’ before drowning

It was reported this morning that a young man who drowned in the Icarian Sea, south-west of the island of Samos, was seen ‘soaring through the sky’ in what is described as an incredible act of ‘doomed narcissism’ before plummeting into the water and subsequently succumbing to the sea.

Reports were made of a man, later identified as Rausci Vikare, seemingly suspended in the sky on a pair of self-fashioned wings. Rausci Vikare was admitted as a patient at the Knossos Institute for the Criminally Insane after an arson attack in the centre of Crete last month. It was also noted by passerby Helen Phaeton that another figure was seen mere minutes before Rausci was spotted. It is suspected that this second figure was Rausci’s father, Laudslade Vikare.

Laudslade Vikare is known for his inventions regarding experimental flight equipment, and recently appeared on Greece Now to unveil his latest creation, Wax Wings, that he described as ‘the future of one man air travel’. He went on to say that ‘the detachable wings are made of feather and wax and are soldered onto a metal bracket which is passed over the wearer’s arm’. Mr Vikare even went on to joke ‘though you’d better watch not to fly too close to the sun, mind’.

Police reports are not releasing full details, however one officer was able to tell us what they believe to be the cause of Rausci Vikare’s death: ‘We are still conducting investigations, but we are currently assuming, taking into account the witness reports, that young Mr Vikare had escaped from his cell at the Knossos Institute in the early hours of yesterday morning, and proceeded to attempt to flee from the scene. CCTV footage shows a man believed to be his father leaving the building with him, and carrying what we suspect to be Mr Vikare’s own Wax Wings. It is thought that young Mr Vikare, as witnessed by Ms Phaeton, flew within close proximity to the sun, causing the wax components of the flight device to fail, and consequently lost his life. So far we are treating his death as accidental’.