The Hell Butterfly

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– I’m No Milburn Moneybags –

I never liked Monopoly,
we used to play it all the time
when it was raining.

Steady dripping pitter-patter
of the droplets on the canvas
overhead …
… it made me wonder.

In sheltered spaces of our singular worlds;
the dog, the iron, the boat
and me.
I am the hat, it suits me best.
But that’s beyond the point.

I never liked Monopoly.
We played it all the time
when we were bored and stuck inside
the flimsy canvas of our tiny world.
Rained in again, no chance to go outside
and so we play.
We play at money-making,

Making microcosms.

We take a Chance:
“Go straight to jail.
Do not collect £200.”
Our freedom dependent on
the roll of a dice.

I never liked Monopoly.
When the opposition owed me money
I told them “keep the change”.
I never cared for exact sums;
The paper rainbow of the game.
Brighter than the real thing,
it makes you want it,
makes you want the greater value;
five zero zero, dollar signs in the eyes
of the materialistic.

I used to play for the sake of playing
before I learned to hate the game.

I never liked Monopoly.
Pretending at success in round
upon round
upon round
of paying money;
making money;
spending money
to earn more money.

Making microcosms.