The Hell Butterfly

Project Spotlight #7

So, hey, I haven’t done a Project Spotlight in a while. As y’all may know I don’t give these out lightly. But I do have a good cause this time to take the coveted Number 7 spot.

Today I am sharing with you a new blog that has a lot of potential. True, there isn’t much there right now, but I get the feeling this could be good. Below is a link to their blog, do go and check it out.

I have a good feeling about this page, there is a nice focus on topic (comics, gaming, maybe politics and general rants) so anyone interested in those areas should definitely hit the doobly-doo.

Right now there isn’t much to say about it, but I would recommend y’all to keep an eye on it. It could be big and as current bloggers I’m sure you all remember the scary moment you begin and don’t know what you’re doing. So let’s throw some support behind this. I’m sure if we had someone supporting us from the start we’d have appreciated it.

So hit the link, check it out, and watch that space. Good things could come from it.

As for the future of The Hell Butterfly, I will try and keep up with posts but I’m in the process of working on another focus for this blog. When it started it was about writing, then as y’all may remember it was more personal and that seemed to work well, but recently I’ve had to rethink what I blog about. Don’t worry, my regular posts should keep coming, but don’t be surprised if some random posts come out every now and then. As my dissertation for uni is going to be about Young Adult Fiction I might try and do some posts on that, I’d be glad to hear your opinions on the topic. That’s about it for the update, so have a good day folks.

Write on.


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