The Hell Butterfly

Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day ..

.. teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.

Can we apply this logic to dating?

Being a singleton for life and having had only two maybe dates, I’m perhaps not the best judge on the subject, but in a way it makes me the best woman for the job. I’m not biased, no bad dates to make me cringe or good dates to make others falter in comparison. Maybe I’ll bring a good objective view to the table.

As the original saying goes, if you give a man a fish he can eat for a day. In the world of relationships we can take this as, hand a man a woman and he has a relationship for a day. Okay, so maybe this is a little vague but roll with it. I’m also only using ‘man’ as a generality in the sense that women and men both fall under the category. Stick with me, I have a point. In the same way that if you provide a man with a fish he can eat for a mere day, if you simply find a partner for someone, hand-pick them, bribe them, whatever, and then hand them to someone, they might be happy for a short time. But it can’t be sustained. At least, rarely. They will have no experience in charming this partner, will know nothing about them. They won’t know if they are really compatible or if their personalities will clash. Simply providing a man with a woman doesn’t mean it’ll last, or that he’ll be able to find a woman himself should it end.

Perhaps I should go straight into the second part before I get side-tracked and lose you. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Equally, teach a man how to reel in a date and he’s set for life. If you set him up on one date he won’t learn how to find one for himself. He won’t know how to charm a girl into agreeing to a date on his – and her – own terms. Am I making sense? Let’s pretend it does.

All of this is a mere prelude to introduce my real point. Y’all remember my attempt to delve into Well that fell through because the site was genuinely crap. I was looking forward to doing more online dating posts, so I’m thinking of joining Plenty of Fish and showing y’all my adventures there. I have heard many good things about it – the best bit being that it is free. And not the kind of free where you can create a profile then pay to do anything else. I mean the kind of free where you can do everything a dating site can offer you without spending a penny over your regular internet bill. I’ll start the same as before by giving you a detailed run down of the sign up process.

With the simplest of URL’s – – and a catchy title – The Leading Free Online Dating Site For Singles And Personals – Plenty of Fish already shows promise. Easy to use, states clearly what it aims to do, and who it aims to please by doing so. Tomorrow, we begin the deep sea dive for the numerous marine creatures it vows to offer me. For now, I’m going to stare at the front page and imagine what awaits me inside whilst I once again lose hope in M24. If this keeps up, I don’t see a future beyond a basic friendship. Oh well, tomorrow the adventure begins.


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