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Match.Com? More like Match.Con

First off, I’m still getting my head around this new system so I’m a little foggy on how to insert images. I’ll be attempting to put one in later, but I don’t know if it’s going to work. Don’t worry, I’ll talk about it so if it doesn’t show, you’ll still get the goods.

Let me begin with a recap of what you can do with a free account on Kerrang! Dating:

– Log in

That’s pretty much it. I had higher hopes for I honestly did. Yet for a dating website that prides itself on being a free service, it sucks as a free service. Before I get into the nitty gritty of my first impression of the site, let me introduce you to the Toolbar. I can’t work out how to put the print-screen in, so I’ll just describe it.

We have Emails, Views, IM, Winks, Favourites and Daily 6.

Some of those are obvious, and others not so much. IM is Instant Messenger, Favourites is like a bookmark for a profile, and as far as I can discern, Daily 6 is a system that matches you with 6 different profiles each day. Like a spotlight on 6 compatible members that changes daily. Seems like a half-decent addition.

After the 20 minute sign up process, I began to investigate the site and its possibilities. I could access my emails, I could see one of the six Daily 6 members – yet not the other 5 – and I could search for and browse members. In terms of the Daily 6, you can only view the next member on the list by selecting Yes, No or Maybe under “Interested?” I don’t know if the other member is informed of your choice, but either way you cannot view all 6 members without making an on the spot decision.

But you see, here’s my gripe. Despite advertising that you can access the site for free, you can basically do jack shit without being spat out at a page to enter your credit card details. Clicking on Views, IM, Winks or Favourites takes you to a page where you can make the decision between 6 months (£9.09/month) 3 months (£13.99/month) or 1 month (£20.99/month). And I’m pretty sure this is a deal on currently, so this is likely to go up in price in the future. I’m not even convinced that you can get a ‘perfect match’ as labelled by the site without subscribing. At least you can view the profiles you’ve searched for.

But ignoring the lack of things you can do with a free account, there are other issues. For one, the look of the site. I mean, just signing in and taking a good look at the layout, the font, the colour .. just, no. It looks like Craigslist only with a banner and pictures. And double line spacing. I just don’t like it. It looks dodgy. On top of this, it makes my laptop lag. like. a. bitch. It took 30 seconds for this sentence to appear on my screen after I typed it. I don’t know why, maybe there’s just too much happening on the one site for it to keep up. All I know is my computer can’t cope with this shit.

So far I have had one wink and 7 views, but I can’t use the Views section to see who looked me up, and can’t access the Winks page to see which creep thinks this feature is a good idea. This is the one thing I can say for certain Kerrang! Dating and have in common: I hate, with a passion, the Winks feature.

Something I have just discovered is that it did not, for some weird reason, accept the photo I put up on my page. That means at this stage I do not have a picture. Now, I’m the first to say a profile without a photo is not worth my time or patience, but I have a slight issue: there is no reason that picture should not have been accepted, and now, through no fault of my own, I cannot look at other people’s pictures. I can see profile pictures, but without having a profile picture of my own, I can’t browse the other photos on a person’s page.

Thus far I am unimpressed with As the title of this post suggests, I think it’s more Match.con. There is time yet for this to improve, but I’m not too sure how it can get any better. I’ve already paid a stupid amount of money for a service (Kerrang! Dating) that isn’t worth its weight, or lack thereof, in gold. I’m not paying for it again. I’m not on for the dating. I’m on it for the laughs (if I can even get any without a credit card) and to give you, the reader and prospective online daters, a look into the services available. I’m not sure that I can recommend just yet, but we’ll see.

To close this post, I just want to give y’all a quick update on my ‘relationship’ with M24. For those who have forgotten, or joined after the posts about him, M24 is a nice, handsome young man I met on K! Dating in February.The first 6 weeks were great, we talked every day, then we met and the first date was really nice. Awkward at times, but ultimately encouraging. The second date was very good as well – easier conversation; him paying; hand-holding –  and I really thought we could go somewhere. But after this second date, he has slowly begun to decrease the frequency of his messages to me. He often drops out mid-conversation with no explanation. Sometimes he tells me the next day he fell asleep so didn’t reply. Other times he’ll give no reason at all. The longest period – very recently – was a week with nothing. I caved and text him, and in reply he said he’d had a busy week. From his description is was pretty hectic. But he said he missed talking to me. This was about 5 days ago. He hasn’t text since. So much for ‘missed talking to me’. My sister has told me to cut my losses. I don’t know how to do this, but I’m starting to feel I should. My reluctance is that he is a good looking guy who seemed to like me despite my bad points, and who even said he wanted to kiss me, and yet now can’t even pick up his phone to say hello. I don’t wanna lose the only good romantic thing to happen to me, ever, but I deserve better than this. Don’t I?

So until he pulls his finger out, or I figure out how to let him go, I’m going to make fun of online dating and ease myself back into blogging about something decent.


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  1. Love this very interesting. Thanks for following!

    July 7, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed it – and thanks for the follow too 😀 Your posts are both hilarious, and completely true. Look forward to reading more!

      July 7, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      • Thank you so much that really means a lot. Keep in touch!

        July 7, 2014 at 1:18 pm

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