The Hell Butterfly

Music May #17: The Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell (Basingstoke Week)

I have just made plans for the weekend that are very exiting. Well, not that exciting, but for someone who never has plans it’s pretty interesting. Me and the Pa are going to go camping somewhere in Devon and walk around on the moors, go to Dawlish for ice-cream and crazy golf and fish for mackerel in Teignmouth. I’ll take me camera and get some photos for a post after the weekend to share the fun.

For today however I have three videos for you. I said the other day I was struggling to remember which songs I’ve posted here, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this one. This is The Pretty Reckless with Going to Hell. Like the last Pretty Reckless track I have a male and a regular Nightcore version. The original track is pretty sweet – I heard it on Kerrang! Radio and decided to Nightcore it up. Both the male and nightcore version are headbang-worthy. The only thing that doesn’t quite work in the male version is the line about his skirt …

So, yes, videos.

Here we go!


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