The Hell Butterfly

Music May #16: You Me At Six – Stay With Me (Basingstoke Week)

It’s getting hard to remember what songs I’ve posted already. Pretty sure I haven’t done this yet though.

Before we get down to business I want to share with you my undiluted joy in the task of baking cookies today. I love baking. It always cheers me up, no matter what mood I’m in. Putting on my Chef Piggy apron, throwing my hair up in a ponytail and cracking out the bags upon bags of ingredients. I just spent £21.39 on this display:

ImageToday I baked cookies. To be exact, giant triple choc fudge cookies. They’re chock (pun totally intended) full of white choc drops, milk choc drops, dark cocoa powder and fudge chunks. Add in some flour, sugar, butter, salt and vanilla extract and you’ve pretty much got it all. BImageaking is so soothing to the nerves. Measuring out the ingredients precisely; going old school with hand whisks, wooden spoons and bicep power; using every tool in the kitchen once; even having the mound of washing up at the end. It’s fantastic fun.




I’ve considered learning how to bake professionally, doing a course, and saving up to own my own bakery one day. Maybe if M24 and I ever become a couple we can open a restaurant/cafe together: he cooks the main dishes, and I run the dessert counter. Proper kitchen power couple stuff.

I’m thinking about making some videos in the summer of basic How To Bake instructions. I’ll pretty much be telling you what my cookbook says but it’ll be a bit of fun watching me awkwardly spilling flour everywhere and trying to have a conversation with the camera. ImageI’ll invest in a proper camera and tripod perhaps too to make sure the quality is as good as can be. I’ll be like the nerdy, British, less attractive and less amazing version of Nadia G.

For now however I think I’ll stick to basic music editing and chocolate cookie making. I won’t break out the cameras and bitchin’ heels just yet.



Today we have You Me At Six with their incredible track Stay With Me. I already love this song in it’s original form, but something about Josh’s voice is somewhat beautiful in Nightcore. Therefore, I’m sharing it with you.

Enjoy the music and feel free to share any baking favourites of yours in the comments. Do you think I should do more posts about baking? Do you reckon I should go ahead and film some of my kitchen adventures? Do let me know if you’d like to see more of that, because once Music May is over, I’ll be out of ideas for posts so I’d love to know what you guys want to see in The Hell Butterfly’s future.


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