The Hell Butterfly

Music May #13: Paramore – Part 1 (Basingstoke Week)

So I’m home this week. I know it’s no excuse, but that’s why there was no post yesterday: I was incredibly busy organising meetings, packing and traveling for 4 hours. Therefore today is a double whammy. I’m making this part one of a dedication to Paramore. I have four videos you see but as I like to put the original track that would end up with 8 videos. Bit of a mess. So this is Part One – Ignorance and Crushcrushcrush. I don’t have Nightcore versions per say, instead I have two male versions for you. Surprisingly, Hayley Williams’s voice as a man is – dare I say it – almost better than the real thing. Judge for yourself in a moment.

But a quick note – being at home I do find posting more difficult. I tend to stay away from my computer more at home because there’s an actual television with real channels. I tend to watch it more than sit at my laptop. There’s just more to do at home – or technically more to help me avoid posting. I love having this blog, I really do, but posting while at home does unfortunately make posting feel like work. I’m determined that I’m not going to let it fall into disrepair though. Not like last time. Instead, this next week for Music May will be Basingstoke Week.

Let’s begin. Here are the original songs plus the male version edits.


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