The Hell Butterfly

Music May #10: Evanescence – My Immortal

I have some maybe, possibly good news .. I might potentially be going on a date with M24 today.

The word ‘date’ hasn’t officially come up, but if I can find the lady balls to ask him if it counts then I’ll let you know. Be excited for me, people – a good-looking guy who both wants to see me and doesn’t think I’m a bag o’ shit is coming here to go to the cinema with me. This kind of awesome shit doesn’t happen to me. So I bloody hope this counts as a date or I could be waiting a while to tick that off my Checklist of Impossible Things That Somehow Became Possible. It’s up there with dragons and a robot that will make me a cuppa by the voice command: “Tea me, bitch.”

So to link the themes of music and relationships, I have three videos for you today. The original track is incredibly beautiful as it is, but Evanescence works astonishingly well in both Nightcore and male version. I’ll probably share a few Evanescence tracks over the next few days, but for today we have My Immortal. I’m going to go and Google Map search the cinema now so we don’t get lost. Because no, I haven’t been to the cinema despite living here almost 2 years. Doesn’t bode well does it? Oh well, kick it Evanescence!


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