The Hell Butterfly

Music May #9: Red Hot Chili Peppers

WordPress made my page all weird yesterday so, between that and my entire lack of motivation to do anything, I didn’t post. Today then is a double whammy. But first, in case you’re interested, an update.

Things are going well finally. University is over so all that stress is gone – at least until September. But for a few months I can have the joy of freedom. I’d like to get a job this summer for some extra cash but there’s only one place I know is hiring. And I am not going back there. I hated my old job but never realised. Not until I left and came back for Summer work last year. I almost went mad. That place is soul-draining. So therefore, I am likely to not get work this summer. But that’s fine, I’ll be thinking of applying to places during my third year hopefully – I barely spent any time working on university this year so might as well do something with my time next year, right?

Also, tomorrow I should be meeting up with M24 again. Our goddamn British weather says it’s going to be miserable everywhere but I’m still trying to persuade him to go to Newquay instead of coming here. I sucked at hosting last time. So for entirely selfish reasons I hope he’ll agree to go somewhere he knows instead. If it goes ahead (and goes well), look for an update in the near future!

I am a mere 4 followers away from triple figures. 96 followers at my last count. The Hell Butterfly family is nearly at a round hundred so spread the word and let’s make it grow.

Oh, and now that I have some time on my hands I hope to work on ‘Bed of Roses’ and get the first part fixed. And also I hope to get the introductory chapters to characters 3 and 4 of Meanwhile in A&E written. Watch this space.

Now, to the music. Today is a double hitter. Following on from the good end-of-year feeling I have, here are two feel-good tracks from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first is Californication and the second The Zephyr Song. Personally I think he sounds quite awesome in Nightcore and the already happy sounding tracks become even more so in these edits. So, as always, here are the original tracks and the Nightcore versions – a lot of videos today, but that’s my bad for not posting yesterday. Enjoy.


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