The Hell Butterfly

Music May #5: The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die

So for numbers 3 and 4 I showed you songs with a male vocalist. The Nightcore versions were fun, but when you think about it, the higher a male voice goes, the squeakier it sounds. It becomes ridiculous to over edit a male vocal. A female vocal on the other hand can be made higher by several degrees more before it becomes over-the-top. Therefore, for number 5, I have a female track for you. It is The Pretty Reckless with Make Me Wanna Die. I have done a male version edit of this song, and that has been included at the end of this post. Admittedly there is an awkward moment in the male version, where an already male vocal sounds overly deep and slightly ridiculous. But overall I think it’s pretty sweet.

So, three videos for you today: The original track, the Nightcore edit, and the male version. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget if you do like the edits I am open for requests. To the music!


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