The Hell Butterfly

Music May #3: Young Guns – Bones

So I came up with this little idea a while back to get me through blogging in the month of deadlines. I missed the first two days, but the third isn’t too bad, right?

So this plan of mine. Well it basically involves sharing Youtube videos I’ve made of songs. But you see they’re no ordinary songs. They’re Nightcore. Some are even the male versions of female tracks. This is to help me get through the month whilst introducing you all to an interesting kind of music.

To begin this little adventure down Nightcore lane, we have Young Guns – Bones. Below is the original track followed by my Nightcore version. You may not like it, but if you do keep an ear out for the following editions. Watch this space even if you don’t like this track, because you might just find one down the line you enjoy.

I will also take requests and make new videos if anyone wants me to. So, to the music!


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