The Hell Butterfly

Fuck ‘The Daily Mail’

In the words of Gerard Way: FUCK THE DAILY MAIL.

Yes, this is an angry post. It has been a long time since I was so pissed that I snarled audibly. Something has come to my attention today that has once again confirmed why The Daily Mail fucking sucks. Do not read on or click the link if you are easily riled, because The Daily Mail has a habit of doing things that get right under your skin. This is no exception.

And also, apologies for the formatting. WordPress has royally fucked this post and I can’t fix it. Sorry for this.

According to the above article, this teenage boy took his life as a cause of getting into his first serious relationship and listening to heavy metal:

A sixth-former who became introverted and withdrawn when he met his first girlfriend was found hanged after spending his final three hours searching for death metal songs on YouTube, an inquest heard.

Just because he liked the music and decided to spend his last few hours listening to it, DOES NOT MEAN in any form that heavy metal made him take his life. This is total bullshit.
Do not, for a second, think that death metal causes suicide. It is absolutely ridiculous to make this claim. You cannot, under any circumstances, make that accusation.
Further along in the article it tells of how he had, for a few weeks prior to his death, told friends about having suicidal thoughts. He had not sought medical attention, but a lot of people don’t. Especially that young. I should know. I’ve been there, done that, got the fucking t-shirt. Depression. It sucks. It is not easy seeking help. But for some, myself – and this boy too I imagine – included, help can be found in music. It may only be temporary, but it helps us get through a painful few hours. Perhaps this boy, and I make no claim to know what was happening in his mind, perhaps he tried listening to the music to quell his emotions. Perhaps it didn’t work, and he decided to go ahead with it. I don’t know.
But music does not cause suicide. Mental health problems are not the product of music.
God, this article makes my blood boil.
It goes on to say that his Dad, his own father, blames the music, the look, and the lifestyle for his suicide. The boy had grown out his hair, started wearing darker clothing, and taken a liking to death metal. And yet, instead of focusing on the part that says he was stressed over coursework and his home-life, they choose to point their fingers at the transformation of his physical appearance that started ONE YEAR before he died. This change was not overnight. How can you possibly place the blame for a tragic event like this on the personal choices of an individual to change their appearance over the space of a year. You should be looking at the things like the stress, the bullying, the emotional changes and struggles of adolescence. Not the long hair and eyeliner.
DEATH metal does not mean it causes death. It is just a genre. A label. It does not mean ‘go forth my child and hang yourself’.
The last time I was this angry over a Daily Mail article is when they blamed the suicide of teenager Hannah Bond on My Chemical Romance. This girl stated before she died that she was “off to join the Black Parade”. The Daily Mail then decided this meant that the band was a ‘suicide cult’ that promoted self-harm and suicide. This is un-fucking-believable. There is no truth in this statement. In fact, My Chemical Romance’s entire point, the thing they stood for the most, was to keep fighting, keep living, be strong and fuck the haters because you are beautiful. Many people, myself included, found themselves so inspired by that message that it prevented us from doing harm to ourselves. They saved our lives. And yet because of this one ignorant girl who felt that she had to take her life, The Daily Mail threw shit and blame at the band.
Music does not cause suicide. There are other factors. No single band or musician on this planet makes music with the intention of promoting self-harm and/or suicide. This is a lie. This is bullshit. And this is The Daily Mail at their best.
Never blame music for suicide.
If you are in pain, seek help. Seek it in music if you have to. Music saves lives, it does not take them.
Never, for one fucking second, try and say that death metal killed that boy.
Depression did. Nasty, vile, heart-breaking, terrifying, brutal Depression.
Please call 0800-SUICIDE if you need help.
And to you, Daily Mail, a message from Gerard.



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