The Hell Butterfly

NaPoWriMo: April 2 – To Be a Warrior

I know it looks like I failed already, but I swear I haven’t. I’m already struggling, I can’t lie, but I did write a poem for NaPoWriMo yesterday. I just didn’t have internet connection. So today will be a double whammy to catch up. Not sure whether I like this one, but hopefully as I get into my stride throughout April my later ones will get better. For now, this is To Be a Warrior.


To know if you’re a warrior is easy. Simply think.

A warrior protects something, no matter what it is:

The friend, the family, money, pride, belief or country, love.

A warrior that fights the best has often one of the above.

So figure out which one it is that you fight to protect.

Use it as your will to fight, to the fight your face direct.

If in your contemplation you find out that you don’t know

What it is you go to battle for, a weakness, here, you show.

If you fight to protect something your sword or gun is strong,

But if you fight not knowing why, on the field you don’t belong.

You have to fight for something, there’s a reason that we do,

Because if out there you lose your focus you’re killing me and you.

Hesitate you die. Turn back you die. So in your mind be wise.

Don’t take the sword, the gun, the bow if you don’t have a ‘why’.

Fight because you love your country, fight to stay alive,

Fight because you like it or fight for your own pride,

Fight because you cannot stand to hear those awful screams,

Fight for the future that will help you to achieve your dreams,

But if you cannot find a reason to take your weapon up,

Stay out of the way of those who haven’t given up.

Go home, get out of here, just leave, as I don’t want to die.

I know my reason for being here, I have no cause to cry.

I tell you: leave, don’t enter into this if you can’t fight,

Because if your weakness gets me killed, I’ll haunt your afterlife.

A warrior has their reasons to fight for what they know.

So stay and fight for something too, or turn around and go,

And if you choose to take that sword, or gun, or bow in hand,

Stand proud here by my side, my friend. Let us protect this land.


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