The Hell Butterfly

NaPoWriMo: April 1 – My Ancestor’s Battlefield

So I heard about NaPoWriMo and thought I’d give it a crack. A poem a day, how hard can it be, right? I think this is where I grin nervously and hide my apprehension behind a laugh. I hope I haven’t already posted this, but I couldn’t think up anything new today. I’ll have a go at something new tomorrow but for now, here is My Ancestor’s Battlefield. It’s a tribute to my Great-Grandad, Archibald.

And the ringing in my ears is deafening.
The silence oppressive.
As the shrapnel from the mortar
Rains death upon the foliage
I grip my M1 Carbine;
Beg survival from the ender of life;
Glance at my frozen hand,
Crimzon beneath the fire that burns
Beside and above me in the trees.
One falls.
My friends, Jamie? Adam?
Archibald. My Corporal.
7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment.
His sockets like trenches.
Dark. Empty.

Guests to an unintended feast
Aim high, duck low, and scream.
I follow them.
Watch them.
We never learn.

Tainted sunset breathing
Grey over Holland. Circles and stalks us.
Now they’re back for me.
The Party begins again,
And it’s my turn to dance with the Devil.


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