The Hell Butterfly

Fate, Faith and Excuse (Or the Man With the Funny Hat)

Fate. The all-powerful higher being that lords over us lesser mortals. Or so some might like to believe. Fate apparently predetermines events in our lives. Outcomes will have been set way before we’ve made a decision, and said decision was already made for us by some higher power. We have no control. Fate controls us. We are Fate’s bitch.

Not bloody likely.

Fate is a manipulative ass that takes away any smidge of independence and self-assertion we have. If we are to believe that things happen for a reason then that means everything we do, and everything that happens to us, was pre-chosen by some twat in a fez and tweed blazer sitting on a beanbag in the clouds. He sits with his cup of Twinings, places his pince-nez more securely on his nose and kicks of his suede loafers. Then he opens up his iControl app, and logs into his FacePalm account: Username, FateDawg27; Password, Irulebitches. Then he chooses what cruel punishment to dole to the unworthy and what unexpected joy to bestow upon the equally undeserving. Breaking up relationships cos its ‘not meant to be’ and promoting the sexist pig from IT #YOLO.

I deleted him as a friend and blocked him from my account. I tried reporting him as Spam but he managed to convince the owners of FacePalm that I was destined to do so and they had been rightly chosen to ignore me. Fate has no say in my life. I do what I want and if things happen to me it’s for a logical reason, not a philosophical one. So I didn’t get the guy – I probably didn’t make him happy. So I didn’t get the job – there was another candidate with better credentials. So I got a cold the day I was ‘destined’ to be killed in a car crash – I didn’t take care of myself and got infected with a hideous flu and wouldn’t have known I would be killed by a car, and if I had have gotten myself killed that day it was either my fault for not paying attention or the driver for being a general twat. Fate did not decide any of it. It is all about the real world. Capability. Suitability. Common Sense.

I think maybe some people mistake Fate with Faith. Believing things happen for a reason. Some may say Fate makes things happen, when really they just have faith that it happened a certain way. They believe Fate will set them on the path they were chosen for, when really they simply have faith that things will turn out for the best. I personally believe the line between Fate and Faith is a thin one. Like, spider-thread thin. Fate is the notion that something happens for a reason. Faith is the belief that things will happen as they should. Same thing, right? And maybe that’s why I also don’t have faith in anything. I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe that good things will happen if I just believe. For me it’s all brain, no heart.

But on that subject, what is a ‘heart’? I believe Ulquiorra Cifer and Orihime Inoue settle that one quite well. I feel like the human embodiment of Ulquiorra here. The way he sees it is exactly how I feel. Plus, that voice is damn sexy.

But taking it a step further, Fate can be synonymous with Excuse. So you didn’t get that job? Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Or perhaps it was, if you’d have actually tried harder to attain it. So your girlfriend dumped you? It probably wasn’t meant to be. Or maybe it was, if you’d have figured out why it wasn’t working and even attempted to correct it. I feel that sometimes people blame Fate for things that go wrong, when they could have actually changed the outcome for themselves. They just don’t want to admit that they could have changed it. They get a notification pop up on their screen: FateDawg27 has invited you to an event – #JimFromCustoms gets fired today. Why? Cos I said so bitches #swag. What do they do? Accept it. They don’t think, ‘Hmm this dude is really whack, I should ignore him and do my work instead of logging into FacePalm at my desk’. No, they shrug their shoulders and continue their game of Floppy Bird.

Things happen as we make them. If we have the capability to do it, it can be done. We have the ability to change. Didn’t get the job? Find out why. Do something about it. Got rejected? Find out why. Do something about it. Avoided the stampede of android elephants because you were delayed at the pharmacy? Find out why. Do something about it. What made you unsuitable for the job? Why didn’t the girl grab you like a tramp in a sandwich? What took so long at the pharmacy that you had to wait 30 minutes for a simple prescription?

We can change. Don’t sit back and let FateDawg27 dictate your life. Deny his friend request. Delete your account. Go outside and breathe. The world is yours. Your life is in your hands. Do whatever the hell you want and have a blast doing it. Some ponce with a funny hat and posh tea has no right to tell you how to live your life, and if you really think about it, he has no power to do so either. He’s just a middle-aged idiot with a permanent butt-print in his beanbag and too much time on his hands. You control you. So what are you going to do about it?

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16 responses

  1. Your post is well-written ,all I can say is we interpret things our own way, fate,destiny it’s up to us to take it the way we want.

    March 26, 2014 at 2:35 pm

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  5. alienorajt

    Bloody hilarious! I love it! ‘twat in a fez…’ made me laugh out loud.

    March 26, 2014 at 6:12 pm

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