The Hell Butterfly

Steve’s Music Mix Round 3

I must thank you Steve. I have had no ideas for posts and The Hell Butterfly was about to fall into a state of disrepair, but your Music Mix has saved me for at least one more day. Cheers, man.

If I was sucked into a jukebox and turned into a song then the song would be…? By the Sword (Emilie Autumn)

I suppose that’s kinda cool. There’s a beautiful violin intro and the lyrics are about comradeship (I think). “I will find my brothers by the sword, I swear”. So yeah I’ll take that. Pretty sweet to know that if I was sucked into a jukebox my personality would be translated into an Emilie Autumn song. Oh the context I could go into here .. If you know anything about Emilie Autumn you’ll understand what I mean.

If I was sucked into a television then my tv show would be about…? Rock and Roll [Will Take You to the Mountain] (Skrillex)

Too right it would. I don’t get the mountain thing, but if I was going to be turned into a TV program you can bet it would be about rock and roll. Music makes up most of my life. Without rock and roll I would be, well, not very much. So this song choice/tv program is very fitting. I would get a better opening theme song than that one though. Sorry Skrillex, you’re good if the day is right, but I wouldn’t pick you for a weekly theme tune.

If I was sucked into a movie theater screen then my movie would be about…? Hate My Life (Theory of a Deadman)

Speaking of fitting .. If I was sucked into a cinema screen this would, without question, be the title, plot, cause and end of my movie. The hatred I have of my life would make me want to make a movie about it. The protagonist representing me (played probably by an unknown actress who sucks at her job) would spend the whole film telling people how much she hates her life. And the only thing the viewer would learn at the end is that she/I hate our lives.

Review: So I hate my life so much that, were I to be sucked into a cinema screen, that would be the plot of my life’s movie. But at least I still have rock and roll and my faithfulness to my friends. Could be worse I suppose.


Oh and let’s not forget two things:

1. The Hell Butterfly is on Facebook!

2. Although the Wild Futures skydive has been done by my housemate Richard ‘Jesus’ Cook and the target has been met, he is still raising money so click on the doobly-doo to donate. Or if you’re a WordPress user go ahead and be awesome and sneak the link into your next post. The monkeys and I thank you!


3 responses

  1. Glad I could help. The cosmic musicology certainly worked well for you this week.

    March 10, 2014 at 5:20 pm

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