The Hell Butterfly

Project Spotlight #1

So the year is swiftly moving on already and with it comes Project Spotlight #1’s deadline. Time is running out and the target has not yet been met. So to emphasise the importance of Project Spotlight #1, I have chosen to reblog it now. Please take a look and donate if you can – it will be greatly appreciated!


As of today, I’ve decided I would like to do a series of blog posts I’m calling Project Spotlight in which I essentially turn the spotlight on something amazing that is happening somewhere in the world. It may be sharing an amazing blog post I’ve found on my travels, a piece of happy news from around the world, or shining the light on a good cause.

So for the first edition of Project Spotlight I would like to turn your attention to a very good cause indeed.

A friend of mine, Richard Cook, is doing a charity skydive for Wild Futures on March 1st 2014. He will be dressed as a monkey as he falls from the sky in the name of charity. What a trooper.


The following is Wild Future’s Mission Statement. For anyone interested in learning more you will find the link above:

About Us – Mission Statement

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