The Hell Butterfly

M24 – Hit.

I know, I know, I already did a post for today saying I had no ideas. But I had to do one about this.

In an earlier post I debated whether or not to email any of the Potentials that I had on Kerrang! Dating. I caved. For anyone who read that one, you may remember M24. He was the one who took the bait and revisited my profile. He followed it with a Wink. You’ll know by now that I dislike that feature, but in the case of a not-bad-looker with a half decent profile, I’ll accept it as a compliment.

I messaged him.

I didn’t know if I should, or if I should see if he said something first. But he’d looked at my page a couple times and not said anything, so I decided to bite the proverbial bullet. After my conversation with Mr L started good and has gone downhill (8 days and counting since his last reply *sadface*) I wasn’t sure whether M24 would want to stick around. But he had done more than send a generic message so I figured he was interested, if only a tad. A tad of interest is more than I’ve had in 4 1/2 years. So I messaged him.

I picked up on his career choice, warned him I might not be the kind of Potential he’s looking for and told him to feel free to not reply. I didn’t do this for Mr L, but I was feeling off about this and figured I’d give him an exit clause if he didn’t want to respond. I gave him the chance to not reply without guilt feels, but he replied.

He even picked up on my hat obsession. He referred to it as a fetish. He’s so far the only one to send a personalised message and bring that up. Points for observation. I replied, addressing what he commented on, answering his questions and giving my own – you know, the kind of stuff I think you’re meant to do in a situation like this. Let’s see if he messages back.

Going on the earlier Battleships analogy, today, receiving my first reply and no sign of his wanting to back out, was Hit number two. I’m aiming for the big ship, you know the ones. The crate carriers that take five hits to take out. Today was strike two. Red pin please. Three more to go and maybe we’re onto something. I don’t know what those three hits are going to be, but it’ll be interesting to find out.


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