The Hell Butterfly

How I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways

From today’s Daily Prompt, I’ve chosen to imitate the style of one of my favourite bloggers, jameswilliaml. I’ve been wanting to try out a similar style to his for a while, because I found his love letters and break-up letters to activities and objects fascinating and incredibly creative. So what better time to pay homage to him than now? To see the type of post I’ve tried to imitate, follow the doobly-doo. I hope this does you justice.


I’m sorry. I neglected you for far too long. I let dust clog up your airways and your sleek black frame turned steadily to grey. For this, I apologise. I never dreamed I could let this happen to you, and I bet you never thought it either. Day by day you sat on my floor, getting battered by the door when I swung it open too fast, taking blows to the head as objects from above fell onto you. You stayed with me so patiently, and for a long time I never acknowledged you. I used you to hold open my door on more than one occasion. I even let your wires get crossed to the point of no return. I’m sorry and I know the words are not enough.

I missed you.

The days we spent together in times gone by are like fond memories. I would plug you in, press your circle, and you would shine green and beautiful, a perfect quarter-circle of chartreuse: Player One has entered the game. I remember how happy you used to sound whenever I turned you on. You stuttered a little at first, but then you gained momentum, and then you purred. Spinning the disc inside your body to let me play my games. You hum for me now, your little green light gleaming in the dark.

You’re bad for me.

Whenever I’m supposed to work, supposed to concentrate, you’re there pulling me in. I know it’s not your fault, I don’t blame you. Your black frame is just irresistible. For too long I neglected you, then I picked you up for old times sake and got addicted once again. I crave you. Every day I want you more and more. Feeling your controller in my hands. I still remember how to press your buttons. I used to mash them, I know you hated that. I’m more gentle now. I’ve learned the craft. I know how to handle you now. I know what you like.

You were owned before me, but you were my first.

I saw you in the window, so much memory, and yet the price they put on you did not justify your worth. Whoever gave you up doesn’t know what they lost. But their loss is my gain. You and I have made our own memories together. Whenever I want to play, there you are ready at my beckon call. You’re ready to let me be whoever I chose to be that day, and you remember perfectly how much I’ve learned as each character. I bet you love role-playing.

I promise I will never leave you again. I will take care of you, give you room to breathe, clean you with meticulous care and make you shine. Your casing will never again be that ashen grey, but will be dark as onyx, and just as rich. The cat trod on you the other day – for this I am deeply sorry. I will make sure he never gets his claws or his fur into you again. I was a jerk to you. I kept dumping you in a corner and coming back to you at my convenience, but you never gave up on me. I adore you for this, but I know I’ve caused you pain. I’ll try to improve this flaw.

Because the truth is, I love you, X-Box.

I’m ready for you now. Let’s play.



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8 responses

  1. I think that you did an excellent job! Very cleverly written!

    February 3, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    • Haha, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀 You should head over to jameswilliaml’s page (link above) and check his out. They’re what gave me the inspiration for this.

      February 3, 2014 at 5:41 pm

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