The Hell Butterfly

First Impressions of K! Dating


When I first signed up to K! Dating I wasn’t exactly sure how the system worked. So I decided to spend the first hour or so exploring the site and finding out what buttons did, what certain icons meant etcetera. On the face of it, it seemed like a good system. It doesn’t ask for your last name, uses your postcode to find people close to you but doesn’t give it out (instead it uses a circle of X miles to generalise), and has interesting options for your profile ie ‘are you vegetarian?’ and ‘Education: University of Life’ which I admit I have never heard of before.

But after this initial impression I started to find flaws.

I have no experience of other dating sites to know if this is something done often, but one of the first things I found creepy was the Wink At option. If somebody winked at me on the street to express their interest, I would cringe and walk away. Fast. The number of 40-50 year olds who winked at me in my first 24 hours was slightly disturbing.

I have noticed that I can limit my search for the opposite gender to an age bracket and location, but something I find could be improved is a setting which also limits the age bracket that can contact you. Perhaps this is just me, but I think it’s a little odd how you can specify, for example, to search for 20-25 year olds, and yet 50 year old men can still contact you. Surely if you are searching a certain age group, these are the ones you wish to contact you. A 50 year old may be looking for a younger woman, but if said younger woman isn’t interested, I personally think it should be an option to limit those who contact the person. Perhaps this is just me.

One limitation I noticed was the Interests and Hobbies section. Admittedly there are options on there I wouldn’t have expected to see (ie gardening), but at the same time, if you have interests outside of the arts, sports, or the environment, your options are severely limited. TV, DIY, travel and cooking are pretty much the only options left to you. It seems like a nice set of options until you realise how limited it really is. There is no option for adding your own hobbies and interests – you are given a set of between 20-30 boxes to tick as appropriate. Maybe this is a good thing because you can elaborate in your profile message, but at the same time if this is meant as a quick and easy way to relate to your Potentials what your hobbies are, it’s not a very effective way of being specific to that person.

The one thing that I have the biggest issue is this: it says at the start it is free to join. What it doesn’t tell you is in order to read your messages and in turn to reply to them, you have to upgrade to a paid account. I don’t plan on spending a long time on here so I went for a one month account – but still, I don’t expect to pay for something I was led to believe was free. I have heard from others that certain sites allow you to reply to messages you receive for free, and you have to pay if you wish to initiate contact yourself – perhaps a slightly better option. As it is, I have a one month subscription, and now my messages can be read (and are available to take the mick out of).

One option on K! Dating is to write an introductory message and send it out. To everyone. I have received a number of such introductory messages in the last 24 hours including “Ginger and proud, sporty very active, loves being outdoors” and “18 and looking for fun whos up for it?”. The grammar issues are laughable in themselves, but the idea of an intro message that goes to everyone is more ridiculous still. If you are sending a message to everyone it suggests you aren’t picky (potentially even desperate?) but the real truth is everyone is picky. You may not admit it, and it may not be a massively contributing factor, but it is still a factor. I find it difficult to believe that if you sent a message like “looking for fun” and you had a response from a beast with extra toes and a monobrow that you would be instantly thrilled. Everybody has some idea in mind – so the idea of being able to send an intro message to every member is quite ridiculous.

If you wish to send a message to somebody, find someone you are interested in, read their profile, and then respond accordingly. I have had one like this, and I will admit I sent a message out myself. Both of these read my profile – specific examples of the details on it are mentioned in their emails. Some people are getting it right. It’s nice to know – some faith in humanity has been restored.

One option I do like however is the ‘live updates’ – while you are online, whenever you receive a new profile view, wink (blerghh) or message, the bar at the bottom of the page updates instantly.

Time to check my page.

Let’s see what today holds for us.


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