The Hell Butterfly

The Real Life of Brian

The process has begun.

Time is running short and so I have come to this decision: I have to begin. I have no choice if I want to do this.

I am planning on writing a biography about my granddad Brian Train. He has such an interesting life. But mostly, I wish to celebrate him for his amazing achievements. This is his official title: Major Brian Kemble Train, M.B.E, retired. He received an award for his services to the British Army from the Queen herself. Yet he doesn’t like to talk about this. Similarly he doesn’t like using his title as Major. I’m curious why.

He will be 76 this year. He has also recently been hit with the hard news of deteriorating health. I will not divulge anything about it here – it’s personal – but suffice to say the next two years will be crucial. This is why I have to act now.

I have wanted to write this for a year and a half now. I’ve been thinking about it since my grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, but I’ve only ever done that: thought about it. Now is the time to act. If I don’t start now, I’ll never get all the information, factual or otherwise from them. I hadn’t realised my grandma was a nurse in a psychiatric ward in her youth, and then went on to help during the war. I also didn’t know they had fostered for a time. These little things I found out only today.

There is so much I don’t now about my grandparents’ lives, and this will surely be beneficial to me. I will finally be able to understand a little about where I came from and about how my grandparents lived. Not to mention, the time-management and research that I will have to do will greatly improve my organisational skills. Plus, I have this passionate desire to want to write a personal dedication to him within the pages of the very first published copy, and put it direct into his hands. But now with this sudden time stamp put on it, everything has become more real.

Two years.

Research*. Interview. Gather photographs. Sort the chronology. Write any necessary disclaimers and check up on copyright laws. There is a lot I still need to do. And not a lot of time to do it in.

The 30 year ban on talking about the war** has passed, and now he can talk about his experiences. And what experiences he must have had. To know my granddad, and his dad before him, fought in major wars, and the fact my granddad is living to recount it .. I am fascinated. Major Brian Kemble Train, M.B.E. was a tremendous man. But this book is not about him. Not entirely.

It is about Major Brian Kemble Train, M.B.E.

It is about Brian Train, father of Graeme, Christopher, David and Andrew Train.

It is about Brian Train, wife of Marilyn Train was Lacey.

It is about Brian Train, grandfather to Jacquiline, Megan, Heather, Billy and Hannah.

This is the story of one man, who means so much to so many.

This is the real life of Brian.



* Please, any recommendations for well-written biographies will be gratefully received. I have never written a biography before and am not sure quite how to structure it. If anybody knows of a decently written biography, I will gladly accept any and all recommendations as part of my research.

**”Don’t mention the war!”


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