The Hell Butterfly

‘Bed of Roses’ Synopsis

“I can’t understand why life works as it does. But if things are predetermined, what has it got in store for me next? I tremble at the thought.”

Scott Kryton was an ordinary American schoolboy. At least, that’s how he began. Love, loss, pain, torture, friendship, rivalry, death. It seemed they all followed him. He could run, but it would always find him. But then he moved to Hampshire, England, and met her. The one girl who could possibly be the light he needed in his world of darkness. Would this time be different? Or would trouble be lurking around even this corner?

Following the paths of this young American, the woman he loves, and that of those closest to him, this is a story about family, a story about pain, and a story about the power of friendships so true, it may just overthrow the dark.

Find the Preface to this story here. I do not plan to change this from now.

This novel is currently undergoing some major reworking, including the title. But this synopsis holds true.

Idea courtesy of the Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

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