The Hell Butterfly

Project Spotlight #4

This one is more of a double spotlight.

Firstly, the genius that is children. I recently came across this article and the advice is priceless. Children giving relationship advice, it doesn’t get much better.

15 Adorable Relationship Tips From Kids

Secondly, and to be honest quite a bit more importantly, a cause I came across courtesy of Nadia Giosa of Bitchin’ Kitchen.

Gray For Ray! Gray Matters!

Below is the description of the cause. Please, if you can spare some pennies, donate to this cause, worthy of the #4 spotlight:

Welcome to Gray for Ray!  Ray was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma (CANCER) in October 2012, after a visit to the ER for a headache.  Shortly after Ray underwent his first brain surgery to remove the tumor in his brain, they removed 88%.  Shortly after his surgery he started Proton Therapy(Radiation Treatment), 5 nights a week for 6 weeks.  Ray graduated 12/28/2012, his next hurdle was his next scheduled check up in February 2013.

A year later 12/1/2013 the tumor was back…We fast forward to January 2014 and Ray is back to square one.  Having the same exact surgery he had in October 2012.  10+ hours on the books for surgery #2 and it was successful with removing 92% of the tumor.

Ray was in and out of the hopsital in 5 days.  He is currently at home recovering and preparing to head to Texas.

Krystal (his wife) wrote this…

Rays surgery went really really well!! He has and continues to amaze every doctor, nurse, therapist, family member and friend on how well and FAST he’s recovering. Ray spent less than 1 day in ICU and 2 days so far since in step down recovery. His surgeon said he could go home today but he wanted to keep him another day because he just had Brain surgery on Thursday. Lol. On the flip side… It’s tumor regrowth. (We are still awaiting official report) Rays neurosurgeon wants him at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,TX by the end of the week to meet with a doctor who is the worlds leading doctor in Ependymomas. Keep praying and sending positive thoughts. We are taking everything day by day and will continue doing so. Thank You.

So this leads me to this.  Insurance isn’t covering squat.  Ray needs to get his butt to Texas and see this doctor.  They are determined to get there on their own, but I know we can all help.  Whether it’s $5  or $5000 any lil bit helps.  They have a long road of travel fee’s, medical bills, ect ect.

GRAY FOR RAY!  Lets do this!


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