The Hell Butterfly

Having Kittens, Personal Insults, and the Weirdness That is Me

I recently saw a Blog Prompt that involved picking up the book nearest you, turning to page seven, and including the first full sentence in your post. This I intend to do, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything more with it than that. You’ll understand in a second:

“The frustration of the abolitionist cause is an emblematic chapter in the larger story of how a reactionary government sacrificed hopes of reform while it mobilised the nation’s resources for war”.

I’m sorry. I don’t have a clue what to do with this sentence. Seeing as this came from the Introduction to the Norton Anthology: The Romantic Period it’s not surprising that such a complicated sentence would appear. I don’t even know how to begin with it.

So instead, to ensure I keep my promise to post something everyday, I’m going to share something with you. I won’t ask you to read to the end, but I figure, “What the heck?” and I’m going to mention some of the weird things that have happened to me lately. Interesting? Maybe not. But they either made me laugh, or annoyed me, and so I feel like sharing would be a good idea.

Let us start with an odd, albeit funny, story. At almost precisely midnight, I went to the bathroom to discover that the plastic cover on the side of the bath had been pulled completely off. It was lying flat on the floor and as you can probably imagine, I was incredibly confused. Then there was an ominous scratching coming from underneath the tub. Paranoid now, I gathered my courage and knelt down in a puddle of water – sadly unavoidable – and poked my head underneath. Who knew what I would find under there? It could have been a tarantula. Or a dragon. Or something equally violent and unexpected. Peering under the tub, prepared for the worst, I spotted it. Nestled at the back of the dusty, crumbling foundations, was Bennie, my housemate’s kitten. I was both relieved and slightly disappointed at this discovery. At that point I almost wished it was something scary. The suspense had been anticlimactic.

As it turns out, Bennie had managed to get his claws into the exposed plastic cover and pull it from the side of the tub. He’d then proceeded to go adventuring. I would like to deem my discovery as more of a rescue. Why, you ask? Because there was a gaping hole in the floor for the piping to go through. I didn’t want little Bennie Boy to go tumbling to his doom. So after spending ten minutes on my hands and knees, in the middle of the night, coaxing he little fella out, he finally emerged. When he was out, I fixed the bath and wrote a note to the housemates to close the door. As it happens, the cheeky little shit had pushed it open again in that time and was trying to pull it back out. I’d covered up his hiding place and he wanted it back. I ordered him out, he obeyed reluctantly. To show him I was happy with his staying out of the bathroom, I gave him a fuss and I think this was both a good and a bad decision.

This morning, I found Bennie was my best friend. Every time I appeared in the hallway he would start circling my feet, brushing up against me and giving me those Love Me eyes. Bless the little shit. I found him in the bathroom again this afternoon, but he stopped when he saw me, then followed me to my room. As I opened the door, I had no time to react. Suddenly he sprang into it and made a home under my armchair. My housemate had to chase him for some times to get him out. He’s been scratching at my door and meowing his pleas for lovin’ since. I’m sorry, kitty. I’ve been busy. I’ll be your friend tomorrow.

For a change of tone, I’d like to rant about somebody on my course who I was quite offended by recently. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been – but his comments were too coincidental to be a coincidence. The thing that started this, was my recent addiction to The Smiths. I shared a video for I Know It’s Over on a certain social networking site that Jigokucho just so happens to be on (*cough* Facebook *cough*) and within five minutes, a comment came up on the status of this person. This is what it said (PLEASE NOTE there is strong language):

I would list Morrissey as my biggest influence. His sad lyrics sing to my heart and make my penis weep. I’m actually a really nice guy pretending to be a cunt so that I can be like my idol.

As you can imagine, this made me uneasy. I post a song whose singer is Morrissey, and then within minutes this comes up? Something felt wrong. There was no way, in my mind at least, that this was coincidence. This had to be a personal attack. This was then followed by his changing his gender to female, and his relationship status to in an open relationship with some guy he knew. I don’t know how much is connected, but it’s weird, no? The boy either has issues, or this was some elaborate insult to myself and to Morrissey. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, but I found myself infuriated.

What made it weirder was that we had been getting on the day before, and again the day after (though I admit I was dreading seeing him walk through the door. I hadn’t yet found out he was in my group). He said nothing to my face, and by the next day, his relationship status was back to single, and the status was gone. He’s still a woman though. I’m not sure why. The only conclusion I could come up with for his behaviour is that he had felt himself big and funny at the time, and had become ashamed of his actions and subsequently undid them. But that’s the thing – you can’t undo it once it’s been seen. I was still offended, and he was still a Grade A twat. And the funny thing? I am in no way ashamed of posting that video. I love The Smiths. I Know It’s Over is one of my favourites. I had nothing to be ashamed of. And now he did. What a fool.

Lastly, I fancy sharing with you some of the weird antics I’ve been getting up to in the last few days.

First, I appear to have developed a psychic connection with my bestie. We have never met, but he’s like my brother.  And we recently discovered we have a telepathic connection. This is how we discovered it:

Me: *Quotes a lyric*

Him: No way! I had that same lyric in my head. We’re like twins. It’s amazing!

Me: What number am I thinking of? *Thinks of the number 7*

Him: 7.

Some creepy shit, right?

Second, The Devil’s Carnival. That should be enough in itself if you’ve ever hard of it, but if you haven’t allow me to explain. An adaptation of some of Aesop’s Fables, The Devil’s Carnival is a stage and film production that turns certain fables into song. As you can probably tell from the title, it’s set in a carnival in Hell. It is incredible. I’ll leave you with a trailer – I highly recommend checking out the whole thing. But the reason I’m including this in the ‘weird antics’ category is because the songs are a little .. well, creepy. I was attempting to find something I could listen to while I worked, and this came up on my radar. It doesn’t creep me out now that I’ve heard it a few times. Instead, I actually found myself bouncing around in my seat, grin like the fuckin’ Joker, having the time of my life while blaring our the words “FA LA LA. It’s off to Hell we go! Stick a needle in your eye it’s off to Hell we go!” I loved it. It didn’t help me write any more about Keats’s poetry, but it was hella fun.

The Devil’s Carnival Trailer (2012)

Enjoy, my lovelies.

And lastly, after my massive downer last night – I won’t go into it. I was just down – I found myself wanting to be creative to cheer myself up. If you saw my post last night you’ll see my latest short story ‘Surely’. This helped, and it gave me a short interesting piece of work, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to do something with precision. Something I could focus my whole being on. This is where Paint came in. Ah, back in the good old days when Paint was the only form of editing and picture software your computer could handle. I have a slightly newer version, but we all know that Paint isn’t exactly the world’s greatest application. Perhaps that’s where some of the challenge came in and made me want to try it. So I made the page smaller, lined it up with the image on my desktop background, and started to draw. This is what I came out with:

ImageNot bad going for such basic software. And the best thing is, it worked. It made me feel better. Precision, detail, focus. That’s what I need to get my mind out of the dark. And now I have a personalised drawing of my favourite anime character. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life worth it.


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