The Hell Butterfly

“And I know how to save a life”

I have a very close friend who, recently, has been going through a tough time. No details shall be indulged here, but suffice to say it has been difficult. For my friend, who is struggling with this issue, and for me too. I’m finding it hard to get through to him. He won’t open up to me. This has never happened, in the five plus years I’ve known him. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. And I cannot even seem to find the words to tell him I want him to talk to me. Instead, I vented in the only way I know how: poetry. So on top of my earlier post (Project Spotlight #2), here are some creative words, from the mind of a worried friend, to you.


For five years past and longer still we’ve had
a friendship that to me was more akin
to siblings, but now you, I know, are sad
and though I want to help, you won’t let me in.
The whirling time of years has made me mad
at you, but now the real work begins.
You are the brother that I never knew,
the best friend that I needed to survive,
the only one to understand the few
things that I couldn’t tell a soul alive,
not even my family. But now it’s you
who cannot seem to find the will to thrive,
Who needs my help. So, darling, don’t you see,
you are my world, my life, and I love thee.


Never forget to tell your friends you care. It might save their life one day.


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