The Hell Butterfly

Taking a Break (Not the Kit-Kat kind)

Okay, as you’ll know if you’ve seen my last posts, my health has been failing lately. Normally my immune system is pretty incredible. I’ve never really had the big infections that go around – the kind that last year took out nearly everyone in my classes, meaning at one stage we went from 20 students down to four (myself being one of them). For this reason, I’m grateful.

However this afternoon, when I woke up (because I slept until 1pm today), there was a house viewing, and to be honest this was probably a good thing. I woke up on hearing them knock on my neighbour’s door, had about ten seconds to get my room straight, and then they knocked on mine. I opened the door, a few people came and looked in, but I don’t really recall seeing faces.

I fainted.


I’ve never fainted before. Almost, once. But I managed to catch myself on the kitchen counter before I hit the ground. That was at least four years ago. This time, I don’t even remember closing my door. I just know my head was really fuzzy, there was a sudden high-pitched ringing in my ears, and I think I put my hand to my head. Maybe.

Next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor with some guy I didn’t know asking if I was alright. He asked what happened, I said I didn’t know. He asked if I thought I’d fainted, I said maybe. I told him I’d been ill lately, a sore throat, then cough, then cold. He asked when I’d last eaten, I said yesterday (which is the truth, however I’m amazed at myself for still being able to lie (against my better judgement) and failed to mention that, though I had eaten, the only food I’d had in the last two or three days were the occasional chocolate bar. Food didn’t seem like a good plan at the time). It was then suggested to me I see my doctor, I reluctantly admitted I wasn’t registered. All the times I’ve thought about it and gone, “It’s okay, I won’t need it,” came back to bite my in the ass. I sincerely regret not registering.

My hands were tingling badly for about 45 minutes after I woke up on the floor. Bless my housemates, they made me some sweet tea and sat with me chatting for a bit to make sure I wouldn’t pass out again. I live with the best people. I’m about to go and try and survive standing in the shower without falling down. Wish me luck. This post is to say that I’ll be taking my own advice and taking a break from Jigokucho until I’m feeling better. Rest assured I will return. But until then, I bid you adieu. Write on, folks.


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