The Hell Butterfly

The Start ‘N’ Stop Conundrum

The Start ‘N’ Stop Conundrum is what I’ve just now decided to call the writer’s block in which you have an idea, start to write, think it’s going well, and then can’t seem to continue.

As an example, today, whilst researching for my Gothic essay, I got inspiration for a potential story idea. I had the themes I was going to tackle, where I wanted it to start, a fairly kick-ass opener, and then after 54 words it stopped. The words weren’t there anymore. The characters that just a moment ago were so vivid, vanished like ghosts in snow.

But the worst bit, is the intent is still there. The bit of my brain that wants to write and wants to find interesting ways to talk about the issues is still alive and kicking. But the rest of my creative hemisphere has shut down. Hence the Start ‘N’ Stop. I started to write, my brain started to work, and then nothing. It’s so frustrating. This seems to happen all the time – no wonder I can never get a creative piece done. Somehow I’ve managed to write this post, but if I were to go back to those 54 words from earlier, I might as wells be staring at a blank screen for all the good it would do.


2 responses

  1. Sorry. Been there. Feels hopeless, doesn’t it?
    But… it’s not.
    (I doubt that helped… Sorry.)

    December 1, 2013 at 12:38 am

    • I did manage to go back and add a little more (just about!) and ended up with 145 words. Still couldn’t get past the first paragraph though. Kinda glad to know it’s not just me this happens to 😛

      December 1, 2013 at 12:34 pm

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