The Hell Butterfly

This guy has the right idea ..



Today is a bad day for health. The trapped nerve I thought I had the other day is still here. Turning over in the night was a horrid ordeal as I could barely lift my head off the pillow from the pain in my neck. My left shoulder has been making uncomfortable – and unhealthy – popping sounds all day. I’ve also developed a pretty nasty sore throat. My Dad called me earlier and I discovered that today, I sound like a man. So then there’s that.

I’m also feeling sick and in a bit of pain from lack of eating today, but the thought of eating makes me feel sick. Is this a paradox in the making? If the stabbing pain in my gut ever stops, perhaps I’ll know whether it’s safe to try and consume food stuffs.

So to make myself feel better and to spread the love, not the lurgy, here are some fun things from t’internet:


Holy shit, Angie no!

No No No Cat

100 Basic Training Movies at Nerd Academy – I scored 38. My friend got 61. Her boyfriend got 93. What’ll you score?

Ohio State University Marching Band – Hollywood Blockbusters


Thankyou, Internet, just for being you.

I’d take a nap now, but it hurts to lie down.



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