The Hell Butterfly

Is this a test?

Why yes. Yes it is. But it’s more than just a test. It’s the first. The first of five.

That’s right. The Ashes are underway.

Ashes 2013

I’ve never really been a fan of sport – England aren’t all that good at football, I never understood rugby and I’ve never been into the more American sports like basketball and baseball. But the one sport I can say with all confidence that I love is cricket. A lot of people say it’s too boring for their taste. That its too slow. But I find it captivating. It’s intense. Each new ball could go anywhere. It could just tap the bat and get them caught out, or it could smack it head on and fly for 6.

I always loved playing it in P.E at school, but we only ever did it in the summer which meant it was only on curriculum for two or three sessions. My Dad plays cricket for our local team. I always watch it with him when it’s on television. Last year I even watched a large chunk of the Indian cricket when my Dad hadn’t – I knew something about the sport that he didn’t! I was chuffed.

I can barely contain my excitement this year. I watched the build-up, the interviews and the toss, and am currently watching the first test match, despite it being almost half past midnight. It’s so crazy that I am up this late watching sports, but I am not ashamed of it.

The Aussie fans have it out for Stuart Broad – should have heard the boos as he stepped up to bowl the first over. And up against Warner as batsman, who I’ve heard is a really good player. I don’t know very much about sport, but I’m trying to keep up with the Ashes this year. So you can imagine my horror at Warner’s boundary for 4 in the first ball. Add the heart-wrenching moment of the 2-second transition between joy and despair as a few balls later, it falls just short and they miss getting the batsman out by a foot (if that).

But, I cheered heartily as Stuart Broad bowled, the batsman swung, and our fielders caught it. Rogers out having made only one run. The score becomes 12-1.

It is now 30-1. Broad bowling. Warner and Watson in partnership. It’s getting tense.

Do not be surprised if my next few blogs are Ashes related. I can’t help it – I just love cricket!


Oh, and what makes this particular game even better, is it is Kevin Pietersen’s 100th test match. You go Kevin Pietersen! Happy 100th birthday, you beauty.


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