The Hell Butterfly

Productivity – fully charged

Today’s post may be a little rushed – maybe not, but this is a warning it may be.

The reason for this is that my productivity levels have increased.

I had a lecture on Walter Scott today and, don’t get me wrong I’m sure he’s a charming man, but I just didn’t see the point in that particular lecture. It was boring, unspecific to our topic and quite frankly, there were too many words. My lecturer just talked, and talked, and quoted, and talked some more. I can’t deal with words coming at me like that. It’s why my Friday lectures – often taken by the same lady – never seem to provide me with cohesive notes, if any at all. Instead, I spent the first half of my time trying to stay awake, and the second half choosing to do something constructive with my time and I began the re-write to my Chapter Nine.

To suggest this post would be rushed because of productivity I realise is a great hunk of nonsense, but underneath all the crap is a point somewhere. What I mean to say is, I got in the flow. I’m in the zone. Luckily not Kenny Loggins’s Danger one, only the Writing kind. Recently I’ve been able to get a lot more done in terms of creative writing. I have this blog, which I try to update every day, and I have a huge chunk of missing time from my novel that I have to fill, and have been doing to a pleasing degree of success.

Now that my creative electrodes are tingling I’m finding my productivity in the writing department is increasing. I’ve written all of this so far in a single run, only stopping to correct spelling mistakes. There have been no retakes or edits to the actual wording. This is the same with the chapter I just finished. Having spent some twenty minutes of my lecture carving out the starting point, crossing things out, adding things in, drawing crude arrows across the page, I’d prepared myself for the get go, so when I got home to my laptop I could hit the proverbial ground running.

I guess my point of all this is this: Listen to the people who tell you to write all the time, regardless of the medium. They were really onto something when they said writing anything and often boosts your writing ability. I’m living proof of it.

I’m off to proof-read and flesh out the sketch for Chapter Ten. Write on, folks.


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