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A-Z Music Survey

First, a note to say that, as aware as I am that I missed the start of NaBloPoMo (I hope I spelt this right) having not even begun this blog until a week or so into November, I’m still pretty pumped to have a blog of my own. For that reason, and for the development of my writing (both in skill and motivation to do it) I’ll be attempting to post something every day.

Today, I’ve decided to share with you my favourite music in the form of a survey I just made up (it was harder than I thought it would be). Props to Perpetual Page Turner for a) coming up with her own Bookish survey (see below) and b) lending me ideas that I may have stolen for the purpose of this survey.

Artist you own the most music from:

CD’s – My Chemical Romance. I have every one of their albums (live versions included) except for the Numbers singles that came out most recently.

Spotify – Emilie Autumn. I had to Page Down seven times to get from the start to the end. I have every one of her albums (live, commentaries and remixes included) and her poetry readings (Your Sugar Sits Untouched)

Boyband I’m not ashamed to admit I like:

Westlife. I won’t lie, there are a few songs by a number of boybands I’d admit to liking, but for the most part Westlife are probably the boyband I like the most from.

Currently listening to (or last song you heard if you’re not listening to music right now):

Anberlin – Devotion. This is an extended version of their Vital album. First heard Anberlin when they were only support for Elliot Minor when they first began touring waaay back (potentially around 2008 ish). Didn’t hear from them in a long time, then the name cropped up again and now they’re one of my favourite bands. I would strongly recommend Vital/Devotion and Dancing Between the Fibers of Time.

Download or physical copy?:

Absolutely physical copy – always wanted a massive CD collection. I listen to a lot of music on Spotify as it’s quick to access and I can change my mind between songs and artists as my mood suits it, but I flatly refuse to download iTunes. I don’t know why. In the same way as I’d always prefer a book over an E-Reader, I’d go for a CD over a download every single time.

Epic tunage – the song I wish played during the epic moments of my life:

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane. This was a really hard choice actually because I could say a different song for each epic moment, but this fits the bill for a number of reasons. It always gets my heart going. It inspires that warm fuzzy that only a really good piece of music can. It’s slow, it’s fast, it has so many layered tracks that work in harmony or in contrast to each other. When I’m walking down the road and this comes on I feel amazing. It’s just so … epic. It makes me want to run as fast as I can, do interpretive dance, spin around with my arms wide until I want to be sick, scream at the top of my lungs …

Plus, the video is mind-blowing.

Favourite artist:

I could put any number of artists here, but the band I always say is my favourite – and for good reason – is My Chemical Romance. It may sound cliche but I’m afraid it’s true: this band saved my life.

For some context, back in 2009 I decided (stupidly, as I’d come to find soon enough) to give up MCR for Lent. I put my CD’s in a box, took down my posters and avoided listening to their music at all. Why did I do this? As a personal challenge I guess. Just so I could say I went a couple months without my favourite band. I wish I hadn’t. I say this, because 2009 is when depression started to hit me hard for the first time. I hadn’t realised at the time how bad it had gotten, but an MCR-less Lent showed me just that.

Within two weeks I started to feel it – I was in a neutral or low mood more often than normal. Another week or so and I noticed I started getting irritable and my mood was low almost all of the time. By the end of Lent I was a wreck. I cried a lot, got angry at stupid things and around this time I started cutting and having suicidal thoughts. Now don’t get me wrong – this was not because of My Chem. If anything it was because I didn’t have them in my life. What the Daily Mail said about them is not true – they didn’t make me cut or want to die. The opposite – it was because of what they stand for that had kept me sane until then and it wasn’t until I gave them up completely that I realised how much they’d impacted my life.

The message they convey through their music has saved me so many times. I owe my life to them. Over-dramatic? Maybe. True? Every word.

Plus, their music is incredible.

Genre that best describes your music taste:

Rock, if such a genre can still be labelled so. I love all kinds of rock: classic, punk-rock, rap-rock etc. Anything that has appeared in association with Kerrang! I’ve probably liked at some point or other.

Hate that I missed these in concert:

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade Tour. I know how dark this period was for the band – they almost broke because of it (both the band and the members’ minds themselves) – but having watched live DVD’s and heard so many things about it, I really regret not knowing about this. It sounds bad that I, the fan that I call myself, didn’t even know they were on tour, but it’s a sad truth that I’ll pay for dearly. The Black Parade Tour was one of the best stage and musical performances I’ve ever seen, which makes it that much harder knowing I could have been there in person if only I’d have payed more attention.

I would recommend (song/album/band):

Song: Deathbeds – Bring Me The Horizon (From Sempiternal)

Album: Regina Spektor – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

Band: Madina Lake

Just bought:

30 Seconds to Mars – LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and Halestorm – Halestorm

Kick-ass album(s):

Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm – The Strange Case Of ... Hard to choose between these two so I decided on both a female and a male fronted band. For those who love a sexy, confident, badass rock-chick, Lzzy Hale is your gal. And as for A7X, it doesn’t get more kick-ass than M. Shadows throwing his voicebox into orbit whilst guitars are thrashing mind-blowing riffs and The Rev (God rest his soul) is banging out beats the likes of which the world has never seen, and will never see again.

Lyric that gets you right in the feels:

“Can’t get your memory off of my mind, my mind. Just want your heartbeat on top of mine, of mine. There’s something dancing here in the shadows and I wish it were us.” – Anberlin – Haunting

“I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone” – My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words

“I guess we’ll never know why sparrows love the snow. We’ll turn out all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow” – Owl City – The Saltwater Room

Movie soundtrack of the century:

In terms of instrumentals it has to be anything Howard Shore has ever done for Lord of the Rings. Best film trilogy in the history of film trilogies, and a soundtrack that makes you feel like you’re in the movie. A fantastic movie soundtrack involving vocals however that I adore is Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Every single time I hear it I want to write my own musical.

Number of CD’s on your shelf:

92. And I may have more at home that I forgot to bring with me.

OMG moment – the song that makes you scream with joy when it comes on:

My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

Pop song of the 90’s you can’t help but love:

Five – Keep on Movin’

“When the rainy days are dying. Gotta keep on, keep on trying.
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in. Non-stop ’til the break of dawnin’
Keep movin’ don’t stop rockin’ (ahh ahh ahh)
Get on up, when you’re dowwwn baaaby, take a good look around.
I know it’s not much, but it’s okay, well keep on mooovin’ on anyway”

Okay I’m done fangirling. Moving on. *Shifty eyes*.

Quote from an artist that made you think/gave you feels:

“Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. Nothing is worth taking your life over. Do you understand?” from Gerard Way’s inspirational ‘Fuck the Daily Mail’ speech. (For a whole buncha fantastic moving quotes that I love from this life-saving band check this out: )

Rap, yey or ney?

For the most part, rap doesn’t bother me. It’s just another form of lyricism. The kind of rap I can’t stand is the kind that only goes on about getting laid or getting rich. I have a lot of respect for rappers like Eminem who have an actual point. Who have a message to put out there. Rap-rock, if there is such a thing, I wasn’t sure on at first but before long I just got so pulled in by it I couldn’t fight it any longer. Hollywood Undead are a prime example of this. They are fantastic musicians and lyricists.

Singer/songwriter you would most like to meet:

Emilie Autumn. Having heard interviews by her and seen her live on stage I think it would make my life complete to be able to sit in a room with her and just listen. She has some amazing things to say and she’s been through so much shit in her life and come through the other side. It doesn’t get more inspirational than that. She’s so crazy in the best possible way, and hopefully she could show me how to brew a proper pot of tea. That would be cool.

The song that gets on your nerves more than any other:

Icona Pop – I Love It. Between the brain-melting repetitiveness of the computer-generated beat, the whiny, high-pitched, voice and the complete jumbled balls-up that is the lyrics, I simply can’t understand this song. I get how some people may like it – it’s same-y, it doesn’t require thinking, and when you’re in a club, greasy from rubbing against the next mindless drunkard jumping next to you with 5 vodka shots swashing around your insides, it’s a constant beat that means you can jump around at the same tempo for the next twenty minutes of music.

However, if you’re me, and you’re listening to lyrics like “I crashed my car into a bridge. I don’t care. I love it” you have to wonder what on earth has happened in poor Icona’s life for her to be so thrilled with having been in a car wreck. Either a) she was too drunk to realise a car crash was a bad thing or b) she wanted it to happen, in which case she has some serious emotional issues that should really be looked at.

I’m sorry, Icona Pop. I just don’t get you.

Underestimated how good it was:

Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal. I’m the first to admit, if a song comes on where the vocalist sounds as though he’s just belching directly into the microphone before deliberately trying to tear his throat out with his breath alone, I will turn it off immediately. This is what happened for every one of BMTH’s songs previous to Sempiternal. On this album you can actually hear the lyrics than he’s saying. There are moments of jugular rippage, however for the most part it adds to the effect of the song. Oli Sykes does have a good voice and on all previous albums (bar some moments on the Hell and Heaven album) it is drowned out by the guttural rage of his diaphragm. That’s what I love about Sempiternal. Now that you can hear the lyrics, you realise actually, he has some good things to say. Maybe he’s more down to earth and relatable than I thought. Having dismissed all previous BMTH work because of the pain the vocals caused me, I underestimated how good BMTH can be.

Video of the century:

30 Seconds to Mars – City of Angels

No words are needed here. Just watch it. You’ll understand.

Weirdest song you’ve ever heard:

SPiT LiKE THiS – Hunt You Down

When I tell you the chorus, I feel as though you may start to understand why I’m so crept out by it:

“Gonna hunt you down, then I’m gonna get you.
Gonna hunt you down, then I’m gonna lick you.
Gonna hunt you down, then I’m gonna bite you.
Gonna hunt you down, then I’m gonna fuck you”.

Yeah. That CD got given away after the first listen. Be relieved: I couldn’t find a video for it. For those of you whose morbid curiosity I’ve just piqued, if you have Spotify it’s on the We Won’t Hurt You (But We Won’t Go Away) album. Yeah, that’s really what it’s called. Gonna go listen to happy music now and cry until it goes away.

X-marks the spot – starting from the left hand side (or top of your iTunes/Spotfy) count/Page Down seventeen times. What song/album is it?:

Hollywood Undead – Swan Songs

You would play this song at your wedding:

Elliot Minor – Silently. It’s rather a long song but I’d make sure it was played in full because the instrumental is just so beautiful it can’t be skipped. It would be like a violation of the song.

ZZZ-snatcher – music that you could sleep to:

Angelis – Angelis. You may have guessed, its a classical album. I meditate to this too.


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