The Hell Butterfly

Compare: the Preface.

It would appear that blogs are becoming more popular these days, doesn’t it? Well, the fact that I’ve just made one sort of proves my point. The thing with blogs is that, even though what people see is simply words on a page, the voice is you. To however many hundreds may see your work, it is the lecture of Times New Roman or the ballad of Ariel that is communicating your message. But it’s still you. And you know it.

I chose to start this because I love to write, but finding a particular voice for a particular character in a story can be too stressful to enjoy the process. But here, in this blog . . This is all me. In person, you ask me to communicate my thoughts and all you will receive is a stutter and a beetroot complexion. But here, where I have the ability to think. To edit. Here is where the real voice of me can speak. I can finally tell the world – or the small handful of people who might take the time to read this – the things I couldn’t say for myself. Here, it is me, my laptop, and an open document.

You may not like me. I wouldn’t expect it of you. All I ask, is that you listen. You never know – I may have something good to say.


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